Any problem with your central heating system?

central-heatingWe know this can cause undue stress whatever the time of year. Whether it is a noise in the pipework, or your water tank or radiators have stopped working completely, you need to seek professional advice, and our trusted, highly qualified engineers are here to help.

With the cold weather fast approaching, it is important to keep your heating and hot water systems maintained. We want to ensure your heating systems are working as efficiently as possible, not only to save you money, but also to reduce the effect that wasted energy has on the environment. So at the first signs of a problem, be sure to call one of our expert engineers to arrange a free consultation.

Times are changing, we have seen more and more people in Oxford turning to solar heating solutions to heat their water, and to save them money on their heating bills. We have a team of experts in solar energy systems and solutions, who can install and maintain your solar water heater so it is working to its optimum potential, whilst reducing your home’s impact on the environment.

Whether you have gas, solar or electric water heating systems, we can help. If your water pressure is low, or the water is too hot, no problem is too small, and one of our friendly and reliable team can be ready on the end of the phone do give you free advice or to book a home visit.

Never delay in seeking our expert advice if you think something is wrong with your central heating system, as it could end up being very costly and worrying in the long run!