Have you got a problem with your boiler?

boiler-servicesHas a warning light come on, and you’re unsure what it means? We are here to help. One of our expert gas and heating engineers can fix any problem, as we understand how important it is to have your boiler working efficiently – not only to heat your home and water systems, but also to ensure you and your family are safe.

Whether you have a water boiler, a combi boiler, or a water cylinder boiler, you can rely on us to ensure it is maintained to the highest standard, and is working efficiently for its lifespan. Boiler repairs can be simple or extremely technical and complex, but we will ensure that our gas and heating experts will explain the problem, and the solution in an easy to understand and friendly manner so you are informed and reassured.

Our team of expert gas engineers regularly deal with problems such as gas leaking from the boiler, water leaking from the boiler, pressure imbalances, and problems with displays, timers and thermostats. We can be with you today, at the end of the phone, or in person; just call to arrange a free home visit at a time convenient to you.

As well as fixing and maintaining your boiler, we also provide a full installation service, whether that is a completely new system for your home, a renovation project, or for your business. Our gas and heating engineers have years of experience and a sound reputation throughout Oxford and the surrounding areas for providing an excellent and efficient service, so call us today to give you peace of mind, day or night.